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KVID Services Unimpacted by the Coronavirus

Hello everyone,

I’m Sam Mossman, Utility Director for KVID. I just wanted to reach out to everyone and let you know that we don’t expect the current situation with the Coronavirus to affect your water or sewer service.

The information I have available indicates that there is no risk specifically posed by the Coronavirus to water and sewer utilities.

We are fortunate to have capable staff, and to be fully staffed at this time, so that any KVID staff that may need to care for themselves or their families can take the time they need without impacting utility services. At this time we are planning no closures and expect no impact to our water and sewer service levels. If the situation changes for any reason we will let you know.

Those of you that need to conduct business with KVID, and want to maintain social distancing, can do so either online (contact us online through www.kachinawater.com) or by calling our offices (928-525-1775).

I understand that this is a challenging time for many people and want to give them my best wishes and assure them that they don’t need to be concerned about their water and sewer services.

If you have any questions or comments you can contact me directly via email at smossman@kachinawater.com.


Have a great day everyone.