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Some KV Residents Affected by Unplanned Outage - Northern KV

A work crew working to find a leak on a water main on Tolani Trail had a need to shut down one of our main transmission lines for a short time today. This caused an unplanned outage for quite a few residents in the northern half of Kachina Village. Water service has been restored to all affected customers.

As is often the case with unplanned outages, the high flows will cause some customers in the area to experience water qualities issues caused by sediment being stirred up in the lines. We apologize to those of you that have been affected by this issue and for not being able to deliver our usual high quality of water to your home. If you are having issues with cloudy or dingy water please try running a bathtub or outside hose faucet for 5-8 minutes to flush your lines and see if that improves your water quality.

When exposed to incidents of increased flows, some of the older areas of our water system have an issue where the sediment in the lines gets stirred up and causes water quality issues with our end users. Early this morning we had just such an event and are finding that residents in the northern areas of Kachina Village have been affected. We typically find that a quick flush of your lines will provide an immediate improvement with the water returning to its normal quality over the next 24 hours.

If you have continued issues, don’t see an improvement after flushing your lines, or have other questions or concerns please feel free to contact our offices for further assistance at (928) 525-1775.

While we certainly understand that water quality issues are an important concern for our customers, be assured that there are not health risks associated with the additional sediment in the water.

Thank you for your understanding.

--KVID Staff